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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Free 1TB cloud storage?

Who says there is no free lunch? I saw this ad from TeraBox ( for a free/permanent 1TB cloud storage which I thought was too good to be true. So, I created a free account and attempted to upload a huge 32GB file, but it failed saying for free tier, the largest file you are allowed to upload is 4GB. Ok fair enough, so I chopped the files into 4GB pieces and tried again. To my surprise, the free tier account uploaded all of them without any issue (see screenshot below), but it took longer since they do throttle upload speed for free tier which is totally understandable.


In addition to throttled down "upload speed", the "download speed" is also heavily throttled down as well, so it would take longer to download your file. But if you are only interested in storing your data for backup it doesn’t really matter how long it takes to download especially considering its free service. If you really need all your data downloaded fast, you can always signup for paid version $3.49/month (at the time of this writing), download everything and switch back to free tier 😃

Bottomline is, I would not recommend this as your only, primary cloud backup but certainly a great option as a secondary storage … its free anyways!

If you decided to use this service, do not download their phone app, or native app which are full of adds for free tier. Just go to website and signup a free account on your laptop/desktop and upload/download files using the website on your laptop/desktop.