Thursday, January 26, 2023

DocuSign sends sensitive info in plain text

Yes, you read the title correctly. DocuSign indeed sends everything including sensitive information to you after you complete "docusigning" something.

Have you ever used the DocuSign service for signing any documents? I am sure many of you are familiar with DocuSign because it is used very widely everywhere for document signing online. If you think you haven't used it, think again, you may have used it and not know about it. Typically, a lot of information you enter when you sign any legal document like your loan application, lease contract, loan, even job acceptance these days goes via DocuSign. When both parties completed the signing process, DocuSign will send you a mail with a copy of the fully signed/executed document (PDF file) once. The PDF file may likely contain your SSN, DOB, address, phone number, account number and many other sensitive information you may have entered during the signing process. Guess what, all of these are in "plain" form and sitting in your email (gmail, yahoo etc). If you don't believe me, search your email from and open the attachment they sent you. You would not believe what you see.

If you use gmail (who doesn't?) here is a easy search filter to quickly show all mails from docusign containing PDF files. 

"from:(| has:attachment filename:pdf"

The screenshot below will help if you don't know how to search for e-mail messages with filter. 

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